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Storing and Managing Files in Adjutas

"Files", is a simple and easy to use file cabinet that helps users upload, view and manage important files or documents. 

With the "Files" managers and agents can store and access all their important files at one place and make them accessible to agents with just one click. 

This helps agents to quickly refer documents like NDAs, SOWs and SLAs in the moment of need. You can upload files upto 5 MB and you cannot upload any executable files or files affected by virus.

You can only delete or rename the files uploaded by you or the files for which you are the owner. 

The deleted files get moved to trash and remain in trash for the next 30 days. In this period you can choose to undelete the files and they move back to My Files. Files that have been in trash for 30 days are permanently deleted from our systems and cannot be retrieved post that. 

To start using "Files", please follow the following steps:

  • Click on Files in the sidebar on the left hand side
  • To view all files you have uploaded please click on Files -> My Files.
  • To upload files you need to click on Files -> Upload.
    • You can upload one file at a time and the file cannot be more than 5 MB.
    • You cannot upload executables (.exe) and any virus infected files.
  • To navigate to trash you need to click on Files -> Trash.
  • To view files click on the view button view link besides the respective file name.

Last edited: 30-July-2016