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Helpdesk Reports

Helpdesk Reports :
In the Helpdesk report we have two categories
i) Analysis - Here you will get all the ticket analysis reports .

ii) Productivity - Here you will get the service analysis report of different queue.

In the Analysis report you will get three types of reports namely

Basic Reports:

you can generate line and bar graph in regards with queue,status of the ticket & agent.
Ticket report  -  Here you can generate all the ticket report together and it will be downloaded as .csv file format.
Admin audit log  - Here all the changes made in the Adjutas got recorded and you can download this as a .csv file format. 

Helpdesk Trends:

Here you can find the ticket volume trends and you can view the volume trends for the following
ii)This Week
iii)Last 7 Days
iv)Last Month
v)This month
vi)Last 3 Month
vii)Last  6 month
viii) This Year

Custom Report :

Here you can generate report based on your selection of the different date range and you can select which field to be generated in the .csv file by checking the required field.